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Friday, August 28, 2009

Making a Difference at CWD

Friends, teammates and interested readers, this is the start of the Director’s Blog on behalf of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. I am Vice Admiral Jeffrey Wieringa and I am the Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. My blog is designed to help you keep up-to-date about what’s happening throughout the security cooperation community. At the 100,000 foot perspective, it is an exciting time to be involved in security cooperation. From the highest levels of our government, there are numerous activities intended to increase our efficiency and effectiveness. These range from Interagency Strategic Reviews to ongoing Lean Six Sigma efforts within DSCA. One notable success was our effort to streamline and synchronize the way foreign military sales cases are written. Just over two years ago, we combined Army, Navy and Air Force billets to establish a Case Writing Division within the DSCA Operations Directorate. Located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the CWD has been the model of continuous process improvement, improving from an average 10 days to assemble and write a case down to two days for the same process. That’s an 80-percent reduction in processing times. Compare that to the time it takes to get the contract written on a new custom built home. This is just one of hundreds of good news stories throughout the agency. So here’s a call out to folks making a difference at CWD!

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  1. Sir,

    This is good news. We definitely look forward to better LOA/Amendments turn-around-time with the CWD formation.