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Monday, January 25, 2010

Update: Humanitarian Assistance for Haiti

As promised, I wanted to give you an update on our efforts to support Haiti. The U.S. Department of Defense has committed millions of dollars and thousands of personnel to support the relief effort.

Our DSCA Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief and Mine Action Division manages the program for DoD’s humanitarian program funded by the Overseas Humanitarian Disaster and Civic Assistance (OHDACA) appropriation. They have worked closely with our budget experts to match requirements with appropriated funding authorities.

We have also coordinated closely with OSD Policy, US Southern Command, the Agency for International Development, the Haitian government, the U.N., U.S. government organizations and a host of Non-Governmental Organizations.

DoD has opened the airport, flown over 90,000 pounds of cargo into Haiti, funded steaming hours for the hospital ship the USNS Comfort, delivered more than 98,000 humanitarian daily rations (HDRs) and other relief items, and is working hard to restore the seaport to operational status in order to assist Haiti earthquake victims.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Humanitarian Assistance for Haiti

I know the Security Cooperation Community's thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti during this tragic disaster.

We are the provider of Defense Solutions for America’s Global partners. We are also a provider of Humanitarian Assistance to America’s global neighbors and as such we have taken the following actions:

I directed the DSCA staff to move out at the speed of light. We immediately dedicated funds for transportation and goods for Haiti. Folks at our warehouse in Albany, GA have already shipped more than 84,000 humanitarian daily rations (HDRs), tents and body bags to Port au Prince, Haiti to be distributed by the World Food Program with more to follow.

We have notified the Congress of our intent to make $20M in OHDACA funds available to support the relief efforts in Haiti. Our efforts are being coordinated with the US Agency for International Development and the US Southern Command.

I look forward to sharing details on this great effort as we work hard to positively affect outcomes.

Monday, January 4, 2010

What's Hot?

Recently I was asked the question, “What’s hot”? Well, for 2010, in security cooperation, Afghanistan is really HOT!

I often say, sooner or later most challenges get down to the issues of people and money. So, starting with people, we are ramping up the number of experienced people in Afghanistan working on security cooperation. In parallel, from field commander, Lieutenant General Bill Caldwell to the most junior, 100% of the folks working on security cooperation projects in Afghanistan have had security cooperation training. This is unprecedented.

This was an imperative because these folks will be determining the total package of requirements, and establishing realistic schedules for the training and equipment for Afghanistan. A particular focus area will be the coordination of equipment deliveries in synchronization with the movement of our domestic forces.

Second, regarding money, we have over $6 Billion of Afghanistan Security Forces Funding for execution in Fiscal Years 2010-2011. This means there is a staggering amount of acquisition work to do…as big as the largest domestic acquisition programs.

In parallel to this, our security cooperation folks will help to build the foundation of a traditional security cooperation partnership with the Afghanistan government. These relationships require stability in key leadership positions and take time to build the knowledge and trust for success. These relationships provide powerful tools too for predictable and unpredictable security cooperation needs.