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Monday, January 4, 2010

What's Hot?

Recently I was asked the question, “What’s hot”? Well, for 2010, in security cooperation, Afghanistan is really HOT!

I often say, sooner or later most challenges get down to the issues of people and money. So, starting with people, we are ramping up the number of experienced people in Afghanistan working on security cooperation. In parallel, from field commander, Lieutenant General Bill Caldwell to the most junior, 100% of the folks working on security cooperation projects in Afghanistan have had security cooperation training. This is unprecedented.

This was an imperative because these folks will be determining the total package of requirements, and establishing realistic schedules for the training and equipment for Afghanistan. A particular focus area will be the coordination of equipment deliveries in synchronization with the movement of our domestic forces.

Second, regarding money, we have over $6 Billion of Afghanistan Security Forces Funding for execution in Fiscal Years 2010-2011. This means there is a staggering amount of acquisition work to do…as big as the largest domestic acquisition programs.

In parallel to this, our security cooperation folks will help to build the foundation of a traditional security cooperation partnership with the Afghanistan government. These relationships require stability in key leadership positions and take time to build the knowledge and trust for success. These relationships provide powerful tools too for predictable and unpredictable security cooperation needs.

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  1. VADM Wieringa,

    Great having you at PAX today and even better you mentioned your blog. It is always good to know what is on the minds of leadership and how things are changing in the FMS world.

    I Look forward to great things in 2010