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Monday, December 7, 2009

Continuous Process Improvement

As you could note on my biography, I am a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. If that lingo has no meaning to you, no worries, just know I care about continuous process improvement.

Skeptics sometimes refer to it as the “next flavor of the day.” After personally watching it work for the past five years, I would argue, factually, it is not the flavor of the day.

In my first Director’s Blog, I wrote about our Case Writing Division. However, DSCA’s 60 green belts and 4 black belts are working numerous other continuous process improvement projects.

A good example would be pricing and availability data or “How much does that pickup truck cost and when could I get one delivered.” Obviously we deal with equipment much more complicated. However, using continuous process improvement methods, we’ve reduced the cycle time from as much as a year down to days, and in some cases hours.

Continuous Process Improvement benefits are three-fold. First, it improves performance and service for our global partners. Second, it improves quality of work for our employees, and third, it improves quality of life and service to our country.

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